Choosing the perfect spindle for your staircase

Choosing the perfect spindle for your staircase

From contemporary minimalism to traditional elegance. Choosing the right stair parts for your staircase can really enhance your design.

Spindles are the vertical posts that run from your baserail to your handrail. As such a noticeable part of your staircase, replacing them can make a huge difference to the look of your stairs.

They’re also easy to install, so you could transform your staircase design in a matter of hours.

In this blog, we’ll take you through your spindle options to help you decide which are best suited to your staircase.

What are spindles made from?

The first thing is to decide on your spindle material. This is an important decision as it can really set the tone for your whole space.

Spindles typically come in two materials:

  • Wooden spindles
  • Metal spindles

Each has plus and minus points and offers something different to your final staircase design.

Wooden spindles

Wooden spindles are perfect for traditional and contemporary staircases.

Oak and pine are the two most popular wooden spindles.

Both are extremely durable and great for varnishing, painting and staining, meaning you can customise them to your own taste.

White primed oak spindles are also a great option. They blend seamlessly into a white staircase to create a clean, fresh feel, or can add contrast when added to a timber suitcase, creating a focal point.

And because they’re already primed, they’re easy to paint any colour you wish.

Metal spindles

If you want to add a modern twist to a traditional design, metal spindles are the way to go.

Metal spindles can add a more industrial look to your staircase, combining the soft, natural touch of a wooden handrail with harder, rustic features.

Metal spindles are an especially durable option and come without the risk of splitting, cracking or losing their shape over time.

What style spindles can you choose from?

Once you’ve chosen the material for your spindles, it’s time to decide on a style.

Each style adds something different to your staircase. From a simple yet stylish addition, to a quirky talking point.

Although your spindles may seem like a small detail, they make a huge difference to how your final staircase will look. So, make sure to really consider this before making your decision.

Popular spindle styles include:

Rounded spindles

These are the most simple, traditional option. Perfect for a minimalistic staircase, or one where there’s another feature piece such as an eye-catching handrail.

Square spindles

A more angular variation of the rounded spindle, square spindles prove to be a great addition that will never go out of style.

Stop chamfered spindles

These provide the simplicity of a squared spindle with an added flourish. Perfect for enhancing a simple staircase without taking it too far.


Single twist spindles

Add an extra something without creating too much fuss. Single twist spindles are a versatile, timeless option making them the perfect addition to both traditional and modern staircases.

Double twist spindles

Double twist spindles work especially well with traditional staircases, adding an unquestionably graceful statement.

Edwardian spindles

The perfect addition to any traditional home, Edwardian spindles add an authentic look and feel.

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