DIY staircase makeover: transforming your staircase on a budget

DIY staircase makeover: transforming your staircase on a budget

Are your stairs starting to look a little worn or dated, but your budget simply can't stretch to a full staircase replacement? Maybe you've just moved into a new home and want to refresh the existing staircase.

Thankfully, you don't need a brand-new staircase to revamp your home - you can give your stairs the ultimate makeover without spending a fortune. But exactly how do you do this?

Keep on reading for a range of handy tips and creative ideas from our professionals for individuals looking to transform their hall without breaking the bank.

Steps to achieve a budget-friendly staircase makeover

As our stairs receive a high volume of foot traffic, their appearance will eventually decrease and show signs of wear over time. Scuffs, dirt and scratches can really impact the appeal of our staircases, but there are plenty of ways to give them a new lease of life and make your home look immaculate.

From repainting your stairs to swapping out old stair parts, there are several effective and inexpensive methods to boost your dated or scuffed staircase.

1. Invest in new staircase parts

A fantastic feature of staircases is that you can make simple and affordable upgrades by substituting parts of a staircase without replacing the full feature.

Insert a fresh newel post

A bold and instant change to revive your stairs is by opting for a new newel post.

The newel post is your bannister's main supporting vertical column that holds up your handrail.

Newel posts are often very ornate or offer a stylish contemporary appearance to draw the eye. Moreover, they can be topped with a trendy newel cap - these decorative caps sit above the newel post and come in various classy or contemporary styles.

Pyramid newel caps add a touch of sophistication to modern and contemporary homes, while those seeking a more traditional look, could choose ball or acorn caps to provide a timeless and elegant finish that complements classical staircases beautifully.

Switch in new stair treads and risers

Investing in new treads and risers is an ingenious method to spruce up your staircase.

Your treads are the horizontal surfaces you step on, and risers are the vertical components between each tread.

Perfect for both modern and classic decors, you could opt for beautiful oak treads and risers. Oak offers an excellent finish and looks exquisite among all wall colours, including favourites like green, cream, and grey.

You could even go for a bullnose step at the bottom of the stairs. A bullnose step is a wider, rounded step with a larger surface area, offering a safer transition between the starting step and the second. However, it also makes for a unique style piece that elegantly catches attention.

Replace your worn handrail

Another component you can change is your handrail - handrails are a continuous run of material running parallel to the floor and are designed to offer stability to those using the stairs.

Beyond its practical functionality, it frequently serves as a notable decorative element.

Choose between smooth and stylish contemporary handrails or cubed designs to achieve a sharper and distinctive appearance.

2. Add a splash of paint

If you wish to keep your existing stair parts, you can simply repaint them to give your home a much-needed revitalisation.

A layer of paint is a superb way to make your stairs stand out and become the focal point of your hallway. White is a highly popular colour option, as it's neutral and really helps to brighten your space.

Just be careful to check that the paint you select is suitable for your stair parts, for example, oak stairs will require wood paint to ensure it won't damage the surface of the timber.

3. Use a carpet runner

Turn your staircase into the ultimate style feature with a carpet runner to add an eye-catching contrast to your treads.

Carpet runners especially complement oak treads - the innate grain of the timber becomes more pronounced, creating a visually stunning effect. Select from a diverse array of designs, ranging from elegant block colours to more daring options like striped runners, allowing you to make a personalised style statement.

Simply select the design you prefer best!

Runners range in price, with many being incredibly affordable without compromising on quality.

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