Exploring innovative stair designs - Your guide to building a unique staircase

Exploring innovative stair designs - Your guide to building a unique staircase

If you're interested in making your home as unique as possible, a great way to start is by constructing a staircase that's truly your own. But how do you make your stairs different from run-of-the-mill designs?

Keep reading to find out exactly how to create your distinctive staircase that's a stunning style feature in its own right!

Creating a distinctive stairway

A distinguished set of stairs differs from a conventional installation because it's built to your requirements - from the materials used to its shape and colour, it's a design that stems from your creative interior vision.

Building your dream staircase is achievable by using the following guidance, which should serve as the perfect starting place for your home decor project.

1. Be creative with the style of the staircase

There is a wide array of staircase types available, each offering its own interesting aesthetic.

However, you don't have to be an experienced builder to understand that some models may be an impractical choice for the particular layout of your space - but we'll explore this throughout the following sections.

Spiral staircase

If spectacular and compact is what you crave, a spiral staircase is sure to meet your criteria - this design features narrow treads held up by a robust central column. Spiral staircases are appealing for many reasons, including their space-saving benefits, eye-catching circular style and straightforward installation.

We wouldn't recommend a spiral staircase if you have elderly or physically unable residents living with you, as they often tend to be steeper, depending on the size of your home.

Straight stairs

Simple yet easily personalised, straight-style staircases unsurprisingly consist of a linear flight of steps, with no change in direction. As they're straightforward to install in most homes, visually versatile across a variety of aesthetics, and easy to use, you can't go wrong with this style.

Open riser designs offer a more distinctive take on the original straight stairs design. If you're looking for a uniquely minimalistic look, you're onto a winner with open riser steps.

L-shaped stairs

Traditional and visually stunning, L-shaped designs are a great fit for many properties. After a straight run of stairs, this style features a 90° turn at the bottom, middle, or top of your staircase. The small landing between each flight adds a touch of character, whilst also offering a wider area to break falls that may occur, and a rest space for those who may struggle using the stairs.

2. Select the staircase parts and materials that speak to you

Although you may be a little constrained with the layout of your stairs (depending on your home), you can still build the stairway of your desires by replacing old stair parts with new ones.

Oak stair parts

Crafted from timeless and sturdy hardwood oak, oak stair parts are a beautiful option that add a premium feel to your home, whether you have a modern or traditional aesthetic. Thanks to the uniqueness of oak's wavy grains, your oak staircase parts will create a natural look that is distinctive to your property.

If you really want to enhance your space, black oak is another option, combining oak’s strength and fine quality with a darker and more dramatic shade.

Other wood options

Other intriguing timber staircase parts include pine and walnut. Pine is a softwood, and is much lighter than oak shade-wise, offering a highly rustic feel. Walnut is a hardwood, with its own distinct and much darker appearance.

White primed wood is another superb option worth considering, especially if you plan on painting your stairs - white-primed stair parts are already smooth and prepped, ready for a coat of paint.

Metal stair parts

For a classy and sophisticated appearance, why not invest in metal stairs? Metal is exceptionally durable and exudes modern luxury - you can even combine a metal balustrade with oak treads to create a stunning contrast between the two materials.

Add a unique staircase feature

Ingenuity and imagination have led to an array of interesting features that can be incorporated into your staircase installation. Here are a few ideas to help you create the ultimate staircase with quirky features:

  • Integrated cupboards and hidden compartments
  • Under stairs seating
  • Shelving and bookcases
  • Decorative panelling
  • Lighting

Consider colour options

Let your inner home decorator take the reins by selecting a colour and decor scheme that appeals to you most.

You could paint your risers a clean white whilst keeping your treads natural oak, or paint your balustrade according to your tastes. What's more, you could even opt for a carpet or stair runner for a softer feel and impressive colour and style variety.

Be adventurous with your spindles and handrail

With a vast collection of spindles and handrails available, there's sure to be a design that meets your particular preferences. Choose between spiral, chamfered, or square spindles, and a selection of handrails, including classic and modern cubed styles, plus more!

The importance of quality staircase parts

Never underestimate the importance of a high-quality product as you look to create your dream installation. Stair parts such as treads, risers, handrails, handrail brackets, and spindles need to be manufactured from top-of-the-range materials.

Trust us - premium staircase parts will make a big difference when it comes to the overall finish and longevity of your stairs.

Speak with us for stair parts advice

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With us, you can even select our visual design service, which shows how your one-of-a-kind staircase will look.

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