Exploring the types of staircases

Exploring the types of staircases

Are you considering remodelling your current staircase or installing one in your new build? If so, there are plenty of styles and designs to choose between. Within this blog, our experts have compiled a list of the most popular staircase types and their benefits.


Five of the most popular styles of staircases

Here are some of the most common styles of staircases found in UK homes that you should consider when remodelling or installing your stairs.

1.      Straight

Simple yet effective, straight stairs are the most popular and common style in UK homes. Straight staircases consist of a single linear flight, meaning there’s no change in direction. This stair type is popular for a reason – some of their benefits include:

They’re easy and quick to install – as there’s only one direction to consider, straight designs are simple to build and install in your home.

Simple to use – Unlike spiral cases, where the user must change direction whilst ascending and descending, straight staircases require a simple and straightforward upwards movement.

Look great in modern and traditional homes – Straight stairs are incredibly versatile, fitting perfectly in contemporary and more classical decors. You can then choose stair parts that look more traditional or modern.


2.      L-shaped

This sophisticated design incorporates elements of the straight style; however, after a straight run, the stairs turn 90°, leading to a small landing, which is where it gets its ‘L-shape’ from.

The advantages of L-shaped staircases are as follows:

They’re fantastic at saving space – as they can be installed in the corner of a room, L-shapes are great for making the most of your interior space, making your room look bigger.

They’re safer – as this design features a small landing between flights, it can break your fall if you trip and stop you from falling down the staircase. It also offers a place for a short rest - for this reason, they’re a great option for care homes.

You gain more upstairs privacy – The bend featured in this style blocks the view upstairs, meaning guests won’t necessarily see the vacuum accidentally left out on your upper landing.


3.      Spiral

Unique and eye-catching, spiral staircases are compact designs featuring narrow treads supported by a sturdy central column. But are they the best choice for you? Here are some fantastic benefits of this style:

They’re visually pleasing – spiral staircases draw the eye due to their mesmerising circular design, especially given most spend their time on straighter stairs.

They save space – Due to how compact this staircase is, they’re superb for fitting into smaller spaces without invading the room.

Simple installation – Unlike wall-fixed stairs, spiral designs use one central column, which is much more straightforward to build.


4.      Turned/Winder

Turned staircases borrow many characteristics from L-shaped stairs, such as the 90°change in direction. However, they feature curved or triangular steps instead of the conventional landing area.

The top advantages of turned stairs include:

Space Efficiency - Turned stairs offer an excellent space-saving solution for residential and commercial settings as they’re compact and fit into room corners.

You can incorporate different wall elements - These staircases provide a canvas to involve distinctive wall design elements, such as wood panelling, that can add a luxurious feel to your hall.

They stand out from other designs - Turned stairs rank among the most exceptional staircase designs, with the potential to become a captivating focal point within your home.


5.      U-shaped

U-shaped staircases are appreciated for their space-efficient layout and slender design – this style consists of two parallel flights of stairs, connected by a landing area that facilitates a 180-degree turn, giving rise to their U-shaped configuration.

The key benefits of U-shaped Stairs:

Simple railing installation – Installing handrails is notably uncomplicated with U-shaped staircases due to their straight edges.

Perfect for commercial spaces – they can be used in confined spaces, ideal for offices and homes that aren't spacious.

Offer a platform for respite - just like L-shaped stairs, U-shaped variants offer a landing platform, serving as a resting spot whilst stepping up or down.


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