Give your home a makeover using the latest trends in stair parts

Give your home a makeover using the latest trends in stair parts

There's nothing more invigorating than an interior revamp and a complete refresh of your space following the latest trends in home decor. But what staircase trends are sweeping the nation this year, and how can you transform your hallway and stairs into a contemporary area of your home?

Keep reading to find out what staircase trends are on the rise, and how you can make them a reality in your property!

What's trending in the world of staircases in 2024?

There are multiple emerging trends to consider for your latest staircase project this year - from popular materials to colour themes, we explain everything you need to know below:

Wood is the way

According to HouseBeautiful, wooden stairs in style in 2024 - more so than ever!

But why is wood so favourable at the moment?

  • Wood is extremely durable - hardwoods such as oak are a robust choice for your new staircase or revamp, meaning your staircase parts are unlikely to suffer from impact damage, scuffing or scratches.
  • It looks timeless - having been used in staircase construction for hundreds of years, wooden stair parts never go out of fashion due to their natural grain and stunning appearance.
  • Wood offers a deluxe look - one of the most attractive features of timber stair parts is their elegance amongst all decors.

Contrast for an eye-catching effect

Creating a stark contrast between materials is an exciting fashion choice in British homes! Glass panels and oak stair parts are very much in, and for good reason...

The contrast between the clear glass and solid wood newel posts and treads really helps to draw the eye and modernise your home.

Not only this but by choosing glass panels instead of traditional elements such as staircase spindles, more natural light can enter your hallway and staircase, brightening your space.

Oak stair parts for sustainability

Sustainability and doing your part for the environment is still a huge trend across the UK in 2024, and opting for oak stair parts is an excellent way to stay green.

This is because oak is a natural resource, and isn't a man-made building material that needs to be made in a factory that releases emissions.

This is the same for other woods, such as pine and ash, however, we recommend oak thanks to its high levels of durability, timelessness, longevity and exceptional finish.

Stair runners and painted staircase parts

Homeowners are opting for the best of both worlds this year by installing a carpet runner on their painted staircase - a long piece of carpet that runs along the centre of your treads and risers, leaving the rest of your stairs exposed.

A quality stairs runner is a brilliant way to add style and comfort to your hallway - choose between a selection of different patterns and designs such as symmetrical stripes or block colours. Additionally, by painting your wooden stair parts a fresh white colour, the impact of the runner is even more dramatic.

So, if you want comfort underfoot and bold contrast, why not incorporate a runner into your staircase design?

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