How can a new balustrade transform your decor?

How can a new balustrade transform your decor?

Your staircase isn’t just a practical fitting, it can make for a bold and decorative centrepiece in your home. To achieve this, homeowners can upgrade their current balustrade to really spruce up their current stairwell.

Throughout this article, we will explain the purpose of a balustrade and how it can refresh your home décor.

What is a balustrade?

The balustrade is a vertical rail structure that runs alongside your stairs.

It’s collectively made up of the newel post, base rail, spindles, and handrail, with its primary purpose being to prevent falls.

However, the balustrade is also an incredibly important style feature, which can help to enhance your home décor.


The balustrade stair parts and their stylistic uses

As mentioned above, the balustrade consists of the newel post, base rail, spindles, and handrail. So, what is the purpose of each stair part and how can they collectively transform your space?

Newel post

The newel post is the central supporting pillar of the balustrade that holds up the handrail.

You may have more than one along your stairs and landing as they typically sit at the foot of your staircase, where it changes direction and at its top.

The newel post is also a highly decorative feature, available in multiple styles and materials that can be used to revamp your staircase.

A twisted style can add an element of traditional flair to your home. Or for a more contemporary look, opt for a blocky newel post instead with square-shaped edges.

Newel posts may also be topped with a newel cap – a design feature that sits above the post to add some flare to your balustrade.


The base rail

The base rail is a sturdy platform for the spindles or glass panels to be attached to. This part runs parallel to your handrail between the newel posts.

There are different types of base rails designed to hold various spindles or panels, two fantastic style features that we’ll explore next.

Standard base rails allow spindles to be screwed into the platform, whereas grooved base rails can hold glass panels.


Spindles are a collection of vertical pillars that stand between the handrail and the base rail.

These stair parts form a barrier, preventing falls from occurring on the staircase but are also a stunning design feature that can freshen up your staircase.

Square tapered spindles are a popular block style that offers both simplicity and modernity.

For a bolder more dramatic look, twisted or chamfered spindles provide a shapelier appearance, drawing the eye to the balustrade.

Spindles are available in a variety of materials, such as traditional oak or iron. Oak is a favourable material as it can be painted to meet your aesthetic.

Popular colours include bold whites, which can really brighten your hallway or a varnished dark oak for a more traditional appearance.


The handrail is a stretch of material running parallel to the floor typically above your spindles or panels, although they can often be wall mounted. It allows stair users to stable themselves whilst moving on the staircase.

Aside from its practical use, it’s often a significant decorative feature.

Select from smooth and sleek contemporary handrails or modern cubed designs for a sharper look.

Alternatively, explore painting and varnishing to update your staircase. Keep the natural oak grain on show for a more rustic aesthetic or paint it your desired colour to suit your walls and floors.


Upgrade your staircase with a stylish balustrade from us

A stunning balustrade can really help to refresh your home décor. At Stair Crazy, we stock the highest quality stair parts to revamp and spruce up your stairwell.

From stunning oak spindles to sturdy and decorative newel posts, we’re sure to have a style to suit your vision.

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