How to luxuriously renovate your stairs

How to luxuriously renovate your stairs

Have you ever visited a friend's or relative's home and been in complete awe of their staircase, to the point where it's made you determined to remodel your own? If so, you're not alone! 

Many homeowners dream of a magnificent set of stairs and are eager to find out exactly how to achieve this - and that's where we come in.

Throughout this article, we'll explain everything there is to know about deluxe staircases and how to transform your existing staircase into a premium structure.

Why are staircases such an important style feature?

In the modern home, staircases are much more than a functional construction designed to allow us to move up and down floors - in fact, stairs are now considered to be one of the most significant style features in the home.

Staircases set the tone for the rest of your home decor, immediately catch attention, and help to add character to your space.

What do we mean by a luxurious staircase?

Unlike a standard set of stairs, a luxurious staircase offers a supreme feel and is built from exquisite quality stair parts. From its stair treads to its balustrade, a deluxe quality staircase never compromises on quality and is intended to be the focal point of your home!

What are the benefits of a stylish staircase?

A sophisticated set of stairs offers plenty of advantages that you may never have considered:

A luxury staircase looks beautiful

Due to their size and often convenient location near our front doors, stairs are often one of the first features we lay eyes on when we enter our homes. But only a voguish stairway that has been rejuvenated with luxury in mind will leave your guests looking on with style envy!

Premium-look staircases offer elegance, intrigue, and a superior feel that make them a wonderful sight to behold!

Your home value will increase

A stunning set of stairs can help boost the value of your property, as buyers won't have to replace it thanks to its sheer quality and visual appeal. This differs greatly from neglected stairs with dated carpet and worn parts that can lower the appeal of your home, and in turn, its worth.

Your stair parts will be high quality and last longer

By choosing to renovate your stairs as lavishly as possible, you'll need to invest in greater-quality stair parts. Whilst this may be a little more costly than run-of-the-mill components, it will benefit your home in the long run! This is because premium-grade parts look much more deluxe and are more resilient to damage, helping them to last for many years.

How to give your stairs a luxurious transformation

Gaining the deluxe stairs of your dreams can be achieved by following the simple tips that our knowledgeable team have provided below:

1. Upgrade to real oak stair parts

If your current treads are worn and their quality has rapidly dwindled over a short period, we highly recommend switching to real oak stair components for a supreme look and feel.

Oak is a durable hardwood that has been the hallmark of luxurious home design for hundreds of years. Its radiant grain exudes a natural beauty unrivalled by many other woods, offering an eye-catching natural design that never fails to impress.

What's more, oak timber is more unique and sought-after than readily available woods such as pine - scarcer materials are more valuable and tend to offer a greater appeal when it comes to interior design.

Solid oak stair parts to consider are:

  • Oak stair treads and stair risers
  • Oak nosing
  • Oak spindles and newel posts
  • Oak handrails

2. Opt for an elegant set of spindles

Spindles, also known as balusters, can really enhance the appearance of your stairs and provide the much-needed elegance you desire.

Spindles are vertical pillars that make up part of your balustrade, sitting between your handrail and baserail. Aside from their safety benefits, balusters are a great way to add a premium feel to your hallway.

If your home is decorated in a modern fashion, you could opt for a set of sleek twist oak or wavy metal spindles for a visually interesting and supreme finish. Or if you have classic home decor, you can bring a lavish feel with chamfered oak or rounded metal balusters to fit with the style of your home.

3. Consider using different stair part materials

Creating contrast is an excellent way to upgrade your stairs and landing areas with splendour. You can introduce a contrasting look by pairing the highest quality oak stair parts with black metal spindles. By installing metal spindles within an oak balustrade, the richness of the oak grain and its golden colour is emphasised further, providing a greater visual impact.

Plus, there's a lot to be said for metal stair parts in their own right - as metal is a very versatile material, these spindles are available in many eye-catching designs that provide highly luxurious finishes.

4. Invest in a deluxe carpet runner

You can achieve a grand staircase design by installing a striking carpet runner - carpet runners come in a great range of premium designs and colours, so you're sure to find one that meets your tastes. Unlike a full carpet, a runner is positioned within the centre of your steps and leaves the edges of each tread exposed.

This design feature not only offers a unique style depending on the pattern you select, but it also enables you to experience deluxe comfort underfoot without completely hiding the oak steps underneath.

5. Add a decorative newel cap to your balustrade

Complete your renovation in style with a beautifully crafted newel cap. These decorative coverings slot onto the peak of your newel posts and come in a fabulous array of designs. Choose between contemporary pyramid shapes or sleek flat caps in traditional and black oak to match the aesthetic of your home.

Ultimately, there are many ways to transform your stairs into a stunning style piece to be proud of. However, always ensure that you use the best quality stair parts if you want your new staircase to stand the test of time!

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