Should I invest in glass staircase panels?

Should I invest in glass staircase panels?

Glass stair panels are growing in popularity throughout contemporary homes for many reasons, but are they the best fit for your stairway?

Keep reading to explore the benefits of glass staircase panels, whether they’re suitable for you, and your other options if you’re looking for a home decor spruce up!

What are glass panels for stairs?

Usually a feature of modern decors, glass panels make up part of your balustrade - the safety and stylistic structure that runs parallel to your stairs and landing area. Glass panels fill the gap between your baserail and handrail, and are held in place by glass panel brackets, replacing traditional wooden panels or spindles. 

Homes and offices alike can benefit from the unique advantages glass offers to our spaces, which we explore in depth below!

Benefits of glass panels

Glass panel staircase parts offer so many fantastic qualities to your landing and stairs areas, ranging from aesthetic benefits to safety and practicality. 

Brighten your living space with glass panels

Your staircase can often be a darker space without artificial lighting due to the shadows traditional balustrades may create. However, thanks to the transparency of glass, more natural light can reach your staircase with glass panels. This not only helps to brighten your stairway, but your hallway, landing and living areas too.

This can help to create a more uplifting space that doesn’t depend on artificial lighting, which can be costly to run and doesn’t offer the same brightening effect that natural light does.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance

Glass panels are much easier to clean than wooden or metal spindles, which collect dust that settles within their often intricate grooves. 

Glass stair parts can be easily dusted and cleaned as you would with your windows.

What’s more, unlike individual spindles which may loosen or chip over time depending on the material, glass panels are manufactured from safety glass, which is much easier to maintain due to its resilience to damage.   

Revolutionise your home with an ultra-stylish look

Glass panels are a sleek and modern addition to any home, helping to boost the aesthetic of your contemporary, luxurious house! Like many modern spaces, transparent panels offer an open-plan feel to living areas, which helps to create an illusion of space.

Improved stair safety

Thanks to the added light that glass panels allow to pass through, visibility on the stairs is increased, meaning the chances of misstepping are reduced. 

Additionally, the safety glass used in each panel provides a strong barrier between stair users and the edge of the stairs, meaning if falls were to occur, people have something blocking a sharp drop.

What are some other luxurious balustrade finishes?

If you feel that glass panels are too contemporary for your tastes, you can always add a touch of luxury with oak or metal spindles instead.

Oak stair parts exude sophistication and supreme quality, and have for hundreds of years. Oak spindles are highly durable and are incredibly resilient to impacts and scuffs, so you don’t need to worry about longevity.

You could always explore metal balustrades too, constructed from the finest iron or steel - these sturdy parts come in an array of designs, including wavy and rounded.

Or, why not try mixing both metal and oak stair parts to create a beautiful contrast between materials? An oak handrail held above stunning square metal spindles is an eye-catching interior-style feature in its own right.

Ultimately, your desired aesthetic should determine whether glass panels are worth the investment. These particular installations are very modern and are unlikely to blend into a classically decorated home. However, if you’re eager to make your space feel lighter and much more spacious, glass panels could be the ideal choice for you.

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