White-primed vs oak stair parts - which is the best option for you?

White-primed vs oak stair parts - which is the best option for you?

Two popular material choices for stair parts across the UK are white-primed timber and oak - each offers its unique benefits, but which is the most suitable choice for your home? 

Throughout this blog, we explore the advantages of both white-primed and oak stair components to help you decide which to invest in.

What’s the difference between white-primed and oak stair parts?

Although both are timber materials, there are several differences between white-primed and oak stairs:

White-primed stair parts

As the name suggests, white-primed stair parts are timber components coated in a white primer that provides a smooth base for a final layer of paint - there’s no need to smoothen and sand white-primed parts, as they arrive prepped and ready for painting. White-primed parts can be made from a variety of different woods - here at Stair Crazy, we use Brazilian pine, which offers great quality and durability.

Benefits of white-primed stair parts

There are so many reasons to opt for white-primed stairs, including:

  1. It’s budget-friendly

Economically, white-primed is a fantastic choice due to its lower costs. Installing a new staircase or simply refreshing your existing one is highly affordable and easy on your wallet in comparison to oak, which is much more expensive.

Whether you need a full set of new spindles or a new handrail, you can do it on a budget with white-primed products.

  1. They’re primed for painting

One of the most significant selling points of white-primed stairs and components is their readiness for painting. Sometimes, we want a custom colour to enhance our decor and make our staircase truly our own. Thanks to the coat of white primer applied to each spindle or newel post, you can easily colour your stairs to your unique tastes - from vibrant pinks and bohemian turquoise to contemporary grey or black, the choice is entirely yours.

  1. Can be repainted for a cost-effective refresh

Regardless of how careful we are, or how many times we tell our family to take their shoes off in the porch, our stairs can become grubby or marked. Handrails are especially prone to marks and dirt, as they’re frequently handled for stability on the stairs. But not to worry – with this type of finish, you can simply repaint when it’s time for a touch-up. 

Oak stair parts

Oak stair parts are constructed from hardwearing hardwood oak - a highly popular and luxurious building material that’s been trusted by architects for hundreds of years, and is highly rated by interior designers. Oak stair components may have a lacquered or unlacquered finish, depending on your preferences, but aren’t typically primed for painting.

Advantages of oak stairs

There’s a reason oak continues to be a much-used building material in homes across the UK - here are some of oak's impressive benefits: 

Extreme durability

Oak is an exceptionally strong and robust hardwood and is highly resilient to impact damage, scuffs, and scratches. For this reason, and the longer process of sourcing oak, oak stair parts are more costly to purchase than white-primed. However, stair parts manufactured from hardy oak have a longer life span thanks to their sheer strength, which makes them worth the investment.

Timeless finishes

Oak never goes out of style, which is a testament to its delightful natural grains and luxurious feel. With stair components made from oak, such as your treads, newel posts, and caps, you can be sure you won’t have to revamp your staircase for style reasons. 

So, whether you switch up your decor from classic to modern, your oak stairs won’t look out of place.

An array of designs to choose from

You won’t be short of style choices with oak stair parts - there’s an array of brilliant designs to suit a range of home aesthetics! Choose from twist spindles for an eye-catching modern feel, classic handrails for a sophisticated ambience, and pyramid newel caps, among many other types.

Which option is best for me?

Both white-primed and oak stairs are a superb choice for your home, with each offering its benefits. If you’re working on a budget, we recommend white-primed due to its lower costs – however, if you’re looking for something a little more luxurious, oak is a fitting choice you can’t go wrong with.

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