Why choose oak? Exploring the benefits of oak stair parts

Why choose oak? Exploring the benefits of oak stair parts

From coffee tables, bookcases, and dining tables, oak is a very popular material in British homes - but what are the benefits of oak stairs?

As experienced oak staircase parts retailers, we swear by oak and know a thing or two about the benefits of this excellent material. So, why do we rate oak so highly, and what are the advantages of oak stair components? Continue reading our 'ode to oak' to find out more!

What actually is oak?

This may seem like a silly question as we all know that oak is a type of wood. However, there's so much more to this brilliant building material.

Oak is a hardwood derived from the oak tree, of which there are many different types including English Oak - an icon of the British countryside. As a hardwood, oak timber is much denser and durable than its softwood counterparts, such as pine - but we'll explore more about this later on!

Interestingly, due to its strong roots, the oak tree has been a symbol of strength, endurance, and ancient wisdom among many civilisations for centuries. Given how highly oak is regarded, you can be sure that staircase parts crafted from this trusted material are a reliable addition to your home.

The top benefits of oak staircase parts

We've used our expertise to compile a thorough list of the most advantageous selling points of oak stairs, which you can read below:

1. Sheer beauty

If you're looking to really enhance your hallway, you simply can't beat the appeal of real oak.

Out of all the materials on the market for stair components, oak remains unmatched in terms of appearance and allure. Oak timber usually has a pale brown/yellow hue featuring a unique straight grain - this natural finish is very desirable and one of the most significant reasons why people opt for oak staircase parts over softwoods, metal, or carpet.

2. Exceptional strength and durability

Your set of stairs likely endures plenty of foot traffic throughout the day - from adults, children, guests, and even our four-legged friends. Due to such frequent use, our staircases become hot spots for potential damage, scratches, and wear.

But with top-quality real oak, you gain a certain level of damage resistance that other woods fail to provide. But how is oak able to offer such great durability? 

This comes back to oak timber being a hardwood. Hardwoods like oak are very strong and highly robust, meaning they're less likely to break under heavy impacts and can more adequately resist scuffs and scratches.

Plus, oak can easily be treated with wood varnish to add further protection against scuffing, scratching, stains, moisture, and damage from UV rays.

3. Versatility and timelessness

Regardless of your home decor and interior design, oak is a brilliantly versatile material that blends seamlessly with most.  So, whether your style is farmhouse, rustic, art deco, or contemporary, your oak staircase will take centre stage and boost your hallway aesthetic.

This is great for adding value to your home as potential buyers won't have to replace a dated structure.

Additionally, oak can even be stained if you want to switch up the shade of your stairs! So even if you decide to update your decor, you won't have to remodel your stairs.

4. Easy maintenance

Unlike carpeted stairs which can wear and stain easily, oak can be cleaned and wiped easily in the event of mud splashes or spilled drinks. And thanks to oak's high durability, this wood can be hoovered without you having to worry about scratching or scuffs caused by the vacuum head.

So you never have to stress about untidy treads when guests are expected!

5. A great selection of stair parts

Finally, oak stair parts are available in many different designs so choice won’t be limited!

Choose between traditional elements such as chamfered spindles and classic handrails to more modern designs, such as pyramid newel caps, spiral spindles and cubed newel posts. The decision is entirely yours!

We hope you've found our guide to the benefits of oak stair parts insightful and useful - if you would like to find out more, you're more than welcome to speak with our very helpful staff!

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