Spindle Spacing Guide


The regulations for spindle spacings:

The gaps between each can be no more than 100mm, this is commonly known as the babies head rule. We recommend a maximum gap of 90mm.

To work out the amount of spindles you require for rakes (the balustrade going up the side of the stairs):

  1. Measure the going of each step (see Ref 1 for detail).
  2. Count the number of steps in-between the newel posts (exclude the number of steps that won't have a balustrade ie feature steps)
  3. Multiply the going by no of steps
  4. Using that figure divide it by 90 + the spindle thickness
  5. Round up the final figure

    Ref 1

For example using our Metal Bar Spindle, if your staircase has a going of 220mm and 11 steps in-between your posts that will equal 2420mm.

Dividing 2420mm by 102 (90 + the width of the spindle) = 23.72. You need to make sure you always round up the figure so the total amount needed would be 24.

To work out the amount of spindles on a landing measure the base rail length and follow the same division factor with the number.

For example if the base rail was 1240mm, 1240 / 102 = 12.1 rounded up to 13.

Note: If you don't want a spindle spacing of 90mm change the formula to what suits you. For example using a 80mm spacing the above would change to 1240 / 92 (80 + width of the spindle) = 13.48 which would be 14.

Please note these calculations are a guide only. It's your responsibility to input the correct measurements and ensure your staircase meets regulations.