Are carpeted stairs the best option for my home?

Are carpeted stairs the best option for my home?

Stair carpets have been a common feature in modern and traditional homes for many years thanks to their ample benefits and stunning appearance. But given the array of staircase looks available, is a stair carpet the way to go in your space?

Here to help you to decide are our experts, who've used their expertise in stair parts to produce this helpful exploration of stair carpets and the other options available to you.

The benefits of carpeted stairs

Having a carpeted staircase and landing has a multitude of advantages that make this option a popular choice for renovations and new builds alike.

A carpet on your staircase looks great

Opting for carpeted stairs is a great way to transform your interior style and boost your home's appearance. With the array of colours, patterns and textures available to you, there's a style out there that's sure to impress and match your interior design vision.

Carpet on staircases reduces the likelihood of falls

Stairs can often be a hot spot for trips and falls due to stair users misstepping or slipping whilst using them. However, thanks to the added traction carpet piles offer, people moving up and down the stairs can grip the surface more easily, reducing the likelihood of slips.

What's more, if a fall were to occur, carpet offers a cushioned surface to help reduce the impact of the fall - this is great if you have kids and elderly stair users living with you who are more likely to fall on the stairs.

Stair carpets offer comfort whilst using your staircase

Thanks to the fabric texture of carpet, you'll experience padded and luxurious comfort beneath your feet on the stairs.

Comfort underfoot is especially desirable in the winter months, as barefoot journeys downstairs aren't as cold as with a metal or wooden stair tread.

Carpeted stair parts reduce noise

Stair treads that are carpeted greatly reduce the sound of footsteps, as the carpet absorbs sound rather than reflecting it. So, if you need to go downstairs during the night for a glass of water, you won't wake people as you step on each tread.

Are there any disadvantages to carpeted stairs?

Whilst carpets offer many benefits to your staircase and home, they do come with their cons, such as:

  • They're prone to staining, can become dirty, and are much harder to keep clean
  • Carpet can wear over time due to heavy foot traffic and pet claws
  • Carpeted stairs aren't as versatile as wood and may need replacing if you decide to switch up your wallpaper colours

What are the alternatives to carpeting your stair parts?

If you feel that carpeting your stairs isn't what you'd like to do in your home, then there are other ways to make your staircase look great, including:

Exposed oak treads

One of the most popular trends in 2024 is exposed wooden treads, thanks to their stunning and premium appearance - as you step into your hallway, you're immediately greeted by a luxurious set of premium timber stairs, which exude sophistication and class.

We highly recommend oak stair parts, and there are several reasons for this.

Firstly, oak is a hardwood, meaning it's exceptionally strong and durable, ideal if you have children and pets that hurtle up and down your staircase. Oak is much more resistant to general wear and tear than carpets, which helps to keep your treads in top condition and create a great visual impression in your home for longer.

Plus, thanks to wood treatments, oak stair components are much more stain-resistant than carpets and are far easier to clean with a damp cloth.

Secondly, oak is simply timeless, and is unlikely to ever go out of fashion due to its neutral feel and natural grain! So, you won't have to swap out your stair parts even if you decide to redecorate your hallway and landing.

Carpet runners

A stair runner is a great option if you like the idea of cushioning underfoot, without committing to a full carpet on your stairs.

Carpet runners are fitted in the centre of your treads and run the length of your staircase, adding a beautiful contrast between your wooden treads, which are visible on either side of the runner.

It's also a brilliant option if you're working on a budget and can't afford a full carpet makeover!

You can make the ultimate style statement with a carpet runner as you can select a bold pattern such as stripes for a visually dramatic effect, or you can simply choose a block colour for a more subtle look.

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