Do you need stair nosing on your staircase?

Do you need stair nosing on your staircase?

Many stair parts make up a staircase, from treads and risers to spindles and handrails - but are you aware of stair nosing and the many benefits they offer?

Throughout this article, our stair part enthusiasts explore the purpose of stair nosings and why you need them on your stairs. Keep reading to find out more...

What is nosing?

A feature of many staircases, stair nosings are additional stair parts that cover the edge of each step, hiding the joint between the risers and treads.

In commercial or industrial settings, such as shops, schools or workplaces, you'll likely have noticed nosings on staircases as they are often bright yellow with a non-slip surface. The nosing found in our homes is designed to offer the same benefits but in a much more visually appealing way.

Why should you invest in nosing staircase parts?

Here are the many reasons why you should consider nosings for your steps:

1. Nosing makes your stairs safer

The most significant purpose of nosing (and why you should invest) is to make your staircase safer for those using it. As nosing typically overhangs slightly, it adds more definition by increasing the surface area, making each step more visible - visibility is heightened if the nosing is a different colour to the risers on your stairs. 

By boosting the definition of each stair, users are less likely to miss their step and fall.

Another aspect of safety is that nosing shields users from the harsh joint between the tread (the stair parts you step on) and the riser (the material in between each step). This can help to prevent a more serious injury if people were to trip on your stairs.

2. You can enhance the style of your stair parts with nosing

Like most other stair parts, nosing comes in various materials, meaning individuals can transform their staircase into the decorative feature of their dreams.

Oak stair parts are an incredibly popular choice, thanks to their distinctive natural grain and premium finish, which looks the part across many decors. From classic aesthetics to contemporary designs, oak nosing is timeless, which means it doesn't need to be replaced if you decide to switch up your decor.

Or, white primed stair parts may be a better purchase for those redecorating on a budget - this type of nosing offers a clean look that's perfect for minimal or modern homes, with the white colour helping your staircase to feel much brighter.

3. These stair parts shield your treads from wear

Staircases experience high levels of foot traffic, with people moving up and down them multiple times per day. With this in mind, it's only natural that they may wear or scuff over time. 

However, with solid oak nosing stair parts, they take the brunt of the friction rather than your expensive treads!

Thankfully, this protects the actual structure of your staircase, keeping it sturdy and in great condition for many more years.

4. Nosing stair parts are simple to replace

Even with the highest quality staircase, damage can occur for several reasons, for example, if someone with a strong step stomps down on the edge of your stairs. However, with nosing stair parts installed, the damage is contained away from the staircase.

Nosings are much easier to replace, meaning if they do become unfit for purpose, they can be swapped out for a new one with little trouble.

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