Stair Looks: Elevate your home's style with these stunning designs

Stair Looks: Elevate your home's style with these stunning designs

Is your house ready for a refresh this spring? A great place to start is with your staircase, which may need a new lease of life.

Continue reading our latest blog to discover inspiring staircase ideas that will transform your home's aesthetic - from modern and contemporary to traditional and classical.

Staircase designs to enhance your home 

Stairs are often the focal point in our homes, and with the abundance of style possibilities available, your perfect stair design is certainly achievable. So, which staircase ideas and looks should you have on your radar?

Modern stair looks

Contemporary staircases follow the latest trends and are usually found within modern aesthetics and homes. Staircase ideas that incorporate modernity may include a glass balustrade with chrome fixings and handrails. Built-in lighting along steps and risers is also a fashionable characteristic of modern stairs.

An oak staircase with cubed handrails and sleek squared spindles is a great example of a modern look - painted white stair parts that brighten your stairway are also a popular trend.

Sleek designs may even feature black oak stair parts for a dramatic look that certainly stands out.

Sleek and minimalist designs

If you're craving simplicity, a minimalistic staircase could be the ideal look for your hallway. Minimalism is known for its open feel and lightness, using colours as accents.

A straight and simple flight of stairs is the hallmark of sleekness and minimalism - these designs don't feature extravagant balustrades with intricate details. Instead, clean lines stir the visual interest. Often, sleek styles may even feature open risers to create a greater feel of spaciousness.

Minimalist staircases can be made up of simple timber treads, such as oak, and can even incorporate a glass balustrade. Glass creates a clean look and won't distract attention away from your treads, whilst allowing plenty of natural light to reach the stairway.

Traditional stair aesthetics

Traditional decor doesn't refer to dated and out-of-fashion styles and furniture - a traditional staircase is a very classy installation that exudes timeless elegance and screams sophistication!

An oak staircase with an extravagant stair balustrade is the calling card of a traditional set of stairs: to achieve this, invest in wonderfully intricate oak handrails, chamfered or twisted spindles and ornamental newel posts.

You could even pair painted white spindles and treads with a walnut handrail and newel cap to create a stunning contrast between each classic stair part. Newel caps are available in various intriguing shapes, such as pyramid styles or spheres.

Stair runners featuring elegant patterns, or simple block colours such as cream or red and are often found on traditional staircases to add more flare, and cushioning underfoot.

Classic wood and iron combinations

If you want the perfect balance between modern and classical aesthetics, a combination of wood and iron on your staircase creates an ideal fusion.

To achieve this brilliant appearance, you shouldn't just mix materials without any thought - we recommend all metal spindles paired with an oak handrail and newel post.

An oak staircase that features iron elements is visually appealing, without feeling too industrial.

Spiral staircases

An eye-catching and highly impressive staircase design, a spiral staircase is a stunning feature suitable for various homes. Characterised by a curved and winding set of steps held in place by a central vertical column, spiral staircases will certainly draw the eye of your guests.

In particular, many small and modern homes adopt this style as they don't require as much room to install compared to wider stairs.

Quirky stair styles

Searching for something a little more eccentric and unique for your refresh, or new flight of stairs? If so, there are plenty of whimsical ways to transform your stairs into a bespoke staircase like no other.

Let your imagination run wild and release your inner interior decorator by painting your stair parts in vibrant colours. Or opt for curved spindles to add some much-desired flare.

Or, if you'd rather keep your stairs a neutral colour, you could always opt for playful patterns in your stairway wallpaper, and wacky canvases along your staircase. Why not experiment with carpeting too? Bold and funky carpets are a great way to make your hallway pop, and make your stairs the focal point of your space.

Ultimately, your staircase should suit your specific home decor tastes and preferences, whether they're contemporary, classic or something a little more out there. By using our guide, we hope you have all the inspiration you need to start your building or renovation project and create your dream staircase that's in line with your vision.

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