The benefits of a staircase design visual

The benefits of a staircase design visual

Although you can attempt to picture how new installations will actually look in your home, it’s better to have a bespoke staircase design visual that can be viewed by others as well as yourself.

Keep reading to explore the advantages of visual designs and how they can help you to make an executive decision on your next staircase revamp.

What is a staircase design visual?

A design visual, or a 3D visual, is a digital image or drawing of how you can expect your dream staircase to look in your home – ultimately, it brings your interior design vision to life!

These personalised designs are produced by qualified interior designers using impressive 3D design software and offer a better representation of how you can expect an overall style or particular stair parts to look.

What are the advantages of a design visual?

1.      You can see how your staircase will look in your home

Eager to dramatically refresh your home and replace your full staircase, but aren’t sure which design is best for the layout of your home? If so, a design visual can help you see how a potential stair set will fit in.

Visually placing a new staircase in your own home is the most effective way to determine if a particular staircase is suitable for your hallway or not.

For example, if you currently have a straight staircase but are intrigued by the idea of an L-shaped model, a design visual can give you an accurate picture on how it would look.

2.      It can help you make decisions regarding your new balustrade

If you’re interested in rejuvenating your space by simply replacing your balustrade, a personalised design visual can provide you with an image of how a certain style will appear.

If you currently have a solid wooden balustrade and are interested in sprucing up your stairs with individual decorative spindles, why not opt for a design visual first? This way, you can determine which materials and style you prefer.

See how various contemporary or classic stair components will look, including handrails, newel caps, and newel posts.

3.      You won’t be ‘taking a gamble’ with your new set of stairs

Let’s face it, we all like to push our creative boundaries when it comes to our home décor – and our stairs are part of this. However, sometimes, how we envision our dream designs to look don’t necessarily turn out that way in real life.

You may like the idea of black iron spiral spindles, but will it match your existing home décor? And will they live up to your visual expectations?

To save you the stress of purchasing stair parts that don’t meet your aesthetic desires and wasting money, a staircase design visual can help you make that decision before you buy!

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